Media Literacy PD Online Program

Media Marketing Literacy PD Online Program 


An online workshop, delivering insights, skills and strategies to help teachers support teen girls to successfully navigate their media-marketing world.

A combination of latest research and trends, backed with relevant industry experience, this TQI Accredited Training takes a fresh look at how to best navigate the online ‘always connected’ world of our teen girls.

This TQI Accredited PD will provide teachers with:

:: Completion of the 5 hours required accredited TQI PD.

:: Tools and techniques to promote student resilience and positive social behavior towards media marketing.

:: Resources to manage the current challenges media creates for girls self-esteem, helping build their critical thinking and confidence.

:: Insights to help build students emotional intelligence competencies and manage the impact of negative media messages effectively.

:: A renewed sense of purpose and understanding for educators on how teen girls can not just survive, but thrive in their media world.

Incorporating a powerful combination of proven strategies, real-life case studies, the latest research findings and fresh content from the actionable book, GirlTribes.

Delivered in Helen’s unique style, this online  workshop is dynamic and impactful.


PLUS you’ll receive a downloadable Action Kit for students, to facilitate sessions in class on specific topics. With a clear class outline, you can generate student discussion and spark creative critical thinking and problem solving on all the key topics covered in the program.


“The whole program is really useful, especially the videos and the analysis of the words used. I will think more critically now too, especially about how advertising reinforces gender stereotypes.

I would recommend this workshop, it’s worth it!”

~ Mark Falkland, Canberra Girls Grammar School


” Well structured and engaging. Very useful for any teacher of teenage girls.”

“Powerful and important concepts delivered!’

“Teachers, you will learn and enrich your understanding about media marketing and the effects on teen girls”

~Teachers, Canberra Girls Grammar School



The Media Literacy Online Workshop is at the special price of only AUD $249.



“This is an essential course for anyone teaching teen or tween girls. It will deepen your knowledge of the current media climate of teens. 

It uses real case studies that can be directly applied to the classroom, and explores the emotional impact media marketing is having on our teens.

The program was easy to navigate. It can be completed easily in a few small chunks or in one one sitting.

 Adapting your workshop into an online format has enabled this amazing program to be also accessible for casual, part-time and those on leave.”

~ Melissa Colquohoun, Casual Teacher





Teachers and Educators, help support teen girls to think independently, become media literate and make informed smart decisions.



This PD program is available as an online self-paced learning option or as live, in-person workshops. Please get in touch to enquire further and learn how Media Literacy can empower you and your students.



“Thank you for such an engaging and powerful PD.

It is wonderful to see the challenges that you put forward that will assist our girls growing up through this media focused world.

I have downloaded the Action Kit and it looks amazing!”

~ Heather Mutton, Gungahlin College


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I have complete confidence in this program, however, if for some reason you are not happy then you will be refunded your investment.

It is a requirement that course material is completed and submitted to demonstrate your participation in the program. Refund requests must be made within seven days from your date of program purchase.


“The best part for me is being able to pass on the psychology behind advertising and the way advertisements make young girls feel.  I am now confident to talk with students about emotional intelligence and how social media and marketing might be making them feel. 

The content aligns with current Australian Curriculum and the take-away presentation is very useful, I can use it with my class with minimal editing. This was fantastic as I didn’t have to do any extra work. I could take what I had learnt and apply it.”

Anna Stincic, St Jude’s


 About Your Facilitator


Helen Roe is a leading authority on marketing with over 20 years’ experience managing global brands to market success. 

She helps women around the world grow their business through authentic connection and engagement. Also a certified life and business coach, Helen is passionate about empowering our youth, in particular teen girls, to think creatively and critically about media marketing, build strong personal values and feel confident in their choices. Her book GirlTribes was published in August 2016.

From Ireland, Helen now lives in Canberra, Australia, with her husband, two daughters and their dog.